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No matter what the decade, Coney Island has tempted countless artists and photographers to walk through its doors and discover for themselves why it has had a mythic hold on the minds of so many, for well over a century. The secret is quickly revealed; although Coney Island is ever-changing, a constant remains. The multitudes, regardless of their backgrounds, ethnicities or social strata, continue to charge the air with a bustling energy; an energy, that, when mixed with land and sea, creates a seemingly endless potential for new expression. 

“Greetings from Coney Island” is a group exhibition featuring the work of 28 photographers documenting the iconic beach and boardwalk. Images celebrate the culture, characters and events of the beloved Brooklyn landmark, such as the Mermaid Parade and Polar Bear Swim, as well as everyday life in and around Coney Island throughout the years. This exhibition does not strive to show the bizarre or outlandish, but rather the vigorous spirit of all who frequent the locale—be it a group of young men playing volleyball in the ocean, a cheese-doodle-stealing seagull on the run, a young boy making a snow angel, or a full moon about to kiss the pier. 

Where: Charles P. Sifton Gallery  

United States District Court 

225 Cadman Plaza East Brooklny, NY 11201 

When: June 28th through September 28th 2018 

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 am- 5:00 pm 

Who: Rob Levy - Chief curator, Lauren Welles and Rick Kopstein - Guest curators 

For inquiries about print sales or to commission work from a photographer, please refer to the contact information listed in the artist's gallery or via his/her website. 

Lauren Welles

Above the Boardwalk, 2013 © Lauren Welles 

Lauren is a freelance photographer and former corporate attorney who left an unfulfilling, 16-year career, to follow her passion for photography. One of her greatest joys is to make candid photographs of people where a single frame can tell a multitude of stories, each one depending on the viewer’s interpretation.  

She is attracted to ideas and stories that display our commonalities as people; she believes that, as human beings, we are much more alike than we are different. Accordingly, Coney Island is one of her favorite places to photograph; whether or not she gets a good shot, she leaves with a smile on her face. 

Her photography has received several awards and has been exhibited at various venues around the world, including: "The Fence" at Photoville, NYC; the Museum of the City of New York, NYC; Arsenal Gallery in Central Park, NYC; Umbrella Arts Gallery, NYC; PhotoLeiden, The Netherlands; Gudberg Nerger Gallery, Hamburg, DE; the Center For Fine Art Photography, Colorado, the Miami Street Photography Festival, and Rayko Photo Center, SF. Her work and interviews have been published in a variety of publications, including The New York Times; CBS News; New Yorker Magazine; Slate Magazine;; Il Repubblica; Adore Noire Magazine; ViewFind; PDN Online;; Desert Leaf Magazine; Rangefinder Magazine, World Photography Organization, and the Phoblographer. 

Contact info: 

instagram: laurenwelles